Within Arthe we work according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system and the ISO 9001 quality management system and we can proudly say that Arthe has received their ISO 14001 certificate from SGS again! The certificate was given to us based on the SCCM certification system. This time we also transitioned from version 2008 to 2015, which is the most recent one. We will also make the transition for 9001.

Research showed that ISO 14001 and CSR are strongly connected to each other. By receiving the certificate we can also show that Corporate Social Responsibility is an important issue to Arthe.

To take a look at our ISO 14001:2015 certificate, please click the following link: ISO 14001:2015


In the edition of December 9, 2015, of Cobouw Magazine, an interview with Bahram Safari, Managing Director of Arthe Civil & Structure, was published.

The interview deals with the fact that, due to the ending of the economic boycott, the Iranian market opens for Western companies.
Prior to the boycot, Arthe was involved in several projects in Iran. The ending of the boycott gives Arthe the opportunity to expand its activities to Iran again, if necessary in cooperation with other companies.

The Dutch interview with Bahram Safari can be found here.


The spaghetti bridge building contest is an annual competition organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Delft University of Technology. During the competition, students and professionals compete in the design and construction of a bridge spanning 1 meter, made completely from spaghetti and glue.

The competition, which has been held for the first time in 1999 in the Netherlands, took place on May 10th. Arthe Civil & Structure entered with a bridge based on a 3D Michell structure. The bridge weighing in at 1020 gram, eventually collapsed under a load of more than 80 kg, topping all other contestants both in absolute load bearing capacity as well as weight:load ratio.



In het Technisch Weekblad nummer 5 van 30 januari 2015 is bij het onderdeel ‘Ingenieursbureaus kort’ aandacht besteed aan de overeenkomst die de gemeente Den Haag met de combinatie Movares-Arthe is aangegaan voor het project Rotterdamsebaan.

De advies- en ingenieursbureaus Movares en Arthe Civil & Structure zetten de komende jaren, voor zowel de aanbestedings- als de realisatiefase, gezamenlijk diverse ingenieursdiensten in om het projectbureau Rotterdamsebaan te ondersteunen.

Beide bedrijven hebben in de voorgaande fases aan het ontwerp en de inpassing van de Rotterdamsebaan gewerkt en in het verleden meerdere tunnelprojecten succesvol in combinatie uitgevoerd. Arthe zal het gedeelte van de boortunnel op zich nemen.


During the annual COB congress on October 30th 2014, Marijn Brugman, senior geotechnical engineer of Arthe Civil & Structure, gave a presentation on the participation of Arthe in the Uma Oya Multipurpose Developmental Project in Sri Lanka.
In this project, Arthe provides the site engineering on behalf of a bored tunnel for a hydro-electric power station.

As a result of this presentation, an article was published in Cobouw magazine, a multimedia publication for the construction sector.

The Dutch article “Nuchtere ingenieursblik brengt boor op gang” can be found here.


In the past years, the COB T202 Committee, under chairmanship of Bahram Safari, managing director of Arthe Civil & Structure, brought together the actual knowledge and experience in the field of tunneling and incorporated it in the Tunneling Handbook. The handbook describes the best practices of cut-and-cover tunnels, sink tunnels and sunken highways. It contains theory as well as practice and also inspiration and vision.

On October 30th 2014, during the annual COB congress, The Tunneling Handbook was officially presented to Cees Brandsen, director general of Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works). A video of the launch of the handbook can be found here.

The handbook can be consulted on


The Institution of Structural Engineers in the Netherlands (Constructeursregister RC/RO)contributes to the professional attitude and professionalism of the engineer and designer. On the one hand as an instrument to validate this professionalism, on the other hand as assurance of this professionalism.
Arthe supports this initiative and has nominated ir. J.T.S. Vervoort to become Registered Structural Engineer. On May 22 2014, Joost has been inaugurated as Registered Structural Engineer. We congratulate Joost with his membership of the Institution of Structural Engineers in the Netherlands.

Arthe starts Site Engineering in Wellawaya, Sri Lanka

We proudly announce that Arthe is asked to provide the Site Engineering of a bored tunnel for an hydroelectric central in Sri Lanka. It involves a part of the Uma Oya Multipurpose Developmental Project wherein Arthe is asked by contractor K.T.B. to consider different aspects of the boring process. The geology of de route, the progression of the TBM, risk assessment and installation of the lining segments include part of the scope.

The tail race tunnel is a water draining tunnel with a length of 3,5 kilometers and a diameter of over 4 meters. The tunnel is bored with a 162 meter long Double Shield TBM which places the concrete segments for the lining at the same time. The hydroelectric central is going to lie 700 meter below surface level and will deliver an output of 120 megawatt.

Arthe and Movares conclude coorperation agreement

June 7th 2013, Movares and Arthe Civil & Structure concluded a cooperation agreement. This agreement was signed by Mr. J. Buisman (Commercial Director Movares) and Mr. B. Safari (Managing Director Arthe). With this agreement, both companies intend to cooperate as one party, in projects for which this is of complementary value.

Arthe actively involved in handbook of integral tunnel design

Bahram Safari, Managing Director of Arthe, is chairman of the T202 Committee, which is concerned with part 2 of the handbook of integral tunnel design. This handbook is an initiative taken by the Dutch Centre of Underground Constructions (COB) and its network, and is supposed to provide support to its users on the application of existing and new laws, practices and norms, and real-life design solutions.