Client: Combinatie A2HoMa
Location and Year: Maarssen, 2006-2010
Features: broadening A2 highway
Project description

The past years, RWS (Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works) broadened part of the A2 highway to 2×5 lanes. For this project, the A2 highway was divided into several sections. One of these sections is the part of the A2 highway between the junctions of Holendrecht and Maarssen, which was carried out according a Design & Construct contract, by the A2HoMa Combination (formed by Boskalis, KWS and Mourik).
Due to the presence of compressible soft soil in the area, this part of the A2 highway was geotechnically the most interesting part. For the reconstruction of the part between Holendrecht and Maarssen, Arthe delivered the geotechnical expertise to the A2HoMa Combination.


The following activities were carried out by the geotechnical engineers of Arthe:
  • Geotechnical design of the embankment (settlements, stability);
  • Qualitative inventory of the banking up issue;
  • Geotechnical analysis and design of transitional constructions near civil structures (bridges);
  • Analysis of the influence of the construction of embankments in relation to present civil structures in the area;
  • Support, guidance and back-office of the construction activities on the job site.
Given that the traffic flow of the A2 Highway was supposed to be able to continue during the project, inventiveness and flexibility were essential to handle the often complex problems. The abovementioned activities were carried out with intense communication with the Process Planning and Project Realization Departments within the A2HoMa Combination.