Client: Colijn / Rasenberg
Location and Year: Waalwijk, 2015
Features: Geotechnical design of road embankment and dikes
Project description

The project A59 Drongelens Kanaal consists of the expansion of the highway A59. As a part of the project, a regional dike will be relocated to make room fora n ecological zone. In order to allow traffic during the activities, a temporary bridge is constructed on a shallow foundation.


For the project, Arthe Civil & Ctructure has delivered the geotechnical design for the temporary bridge, the new dike, and the expansion of the A59.
The following proceedings have been performed by Arthe:

  • Geotechnisch design of shallow foundations
  • settlement and stability analyses
  • design and assessment of the dike
  • design of the revetments
  • risk analysis and measures for activities during the closed season