Client: Provincie Zuid-Holland
Location and Year: Leiden, 2017 - 2018
Features: bored tunnel
Project description

For project RijnlandRoute Arthe has done the complete structural and geotechnical design of the bored tunnel for contractor COMOL5.
Arthe is, as an internationally operating company, the perfect link between the French contractor Vinci who executes the bored tunnel and the regulations imposed by the Dutch government.
For the latest news about the progress of the RijnlandRoute project please go to the website of COMOL5.


For the bored tunnel the following activities have been done:
  • Design of concrete segments for tunnel lining
  • Bored tunnel 3D model
  • Fire resistant design of the bored tunnel
  • Structural design of eight underground cross passages
  • Tunnel inlay: service tubes and water cellar
  • Bore process engineering: Support and mortar pressures
  • Settlement risk assessment due to bore process
  • Interpretation of soil investigations
  • Design of auxiliary constructions for TBM launch and receive
  • Freeze body design for the cross passages
  • Crane foundations