Client: Movares / Gemeente Den Haag
Location and Year: Den Haag, 2012-2013
Features: Preliminary design and engineering bored tunnel
Project description

The Rotterdamsebaan is a new connection between the national road network and the city center ring of The Hague. A large part of this connection will be built below surface level and will underpass the Vlietzone and Binckhorst district. This underground part will be executed as a TBM bored tunnel and Arthe got the assignment to deliver the preliminary design of the bored tunnel.


  • Putting together a geotechnical design basis and advising on additional soil investigation;
  • Analyzing face stability at various critical sections of the route;
  • Design and structural analysis of the lining of the tunnel and the cross connections;
  • Advise with regard to start and end procedures of the TBM;
  • Advise and various analyses with regard to the influence on surroundings and restrictions on the usability.