Client: CUR Bouw & Infra / SBRCURnet
Location and Year: , 2007 – 2010 & 2013 - 2014
Features: Knowledge development piled embankments
Project description

In 2007, the development of a new Design Procedure for Piled embankments, CUR 226, in the Netherlands was initiated. The procedure was developed within a committee under the responsibility of CUR Bouw & Infra, CROW and Delft Cluster. Within the committee Arthe Civil & Structure b.v. was responsible for drafting and detailing the design steps for the analytical design of the reinforced mattress. Furthermore Arthe, as a member of the core group of the committee, was partly responsible for the review of all documents that have been incorporated in the Design Procedure.   In 2013, a follow-up committee was set up. The goal of this committee will be to revise and update the Design Procedure of 2010. This will be done based on experiences and findings from design and construction practice and results from recent R&D trajects. Within this committee Arthe has taken on the role as editor and secretary. The new Design Procedure is expected to appear in 2014.


  • Drafting and detailing of the design steps for the analytical design of the reinforced mattress;
  • Development of an analytical calculation method for determination of the deformations within the reinforced mattress;
  • Drafting of calculation examples for the design of piled embankments;
  • Review of documents for incorporation in the Design Procedure;
  • As of 2013 (update of the Design Procedure) editor and secretary within the committee;