Client: Antea Group
Location and Year: Krimpen aan den IJssel, 2013
Features: Flood defenses, environment management, tender
Project description

As a result of a flood defense verification, the flood defenses near Krimpen aan den IJssel turned out to be insufficient. Parts of the route are not sufficiently stable and in some cases not high enough. Arthe supported the project team in various challenges, particularly in the field of geotechnical engineering. The emphasis was laid on finding solutions that would cause the least possible hinder to the environment. A major challenge was that many aspects needed to be reviewed in a short amount of time in order to reduce the risks to an acceptable level.


  • Reviewing of reference design
  • Drafting the monitoring scheme
  • Settlement analyses on behalf of assessing quantities of building material
  • Drafting and planning the additional laboratory research
  • Expert contribution on the project approach report
  • Risk assessment
  • Determining internal forces on the diaphragm walls
  • Support of management team regarding surroundings and stakeholders