Client: Volker Staal & Funderingen
Location and Year: 's-Hertogenbosch, 2013
Features: Jet grout columns
Project description

Commissioned by the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Heijmans has realized a new underground car park at the prominent location of the Vonk & Vlam area near the Hekellaan, located in close proximity of the city center. The realization of the car park was combined with the plan for the restoration of the fortifications, making the old fortress wall visible and livable.

For the purpose of realizing the Vonk & Vlam car park in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the building pit, the entrance and the connecting corridor used a structure built of diaphragm walls. These walls were stabilized with ground anchors. The underwater concrete floor has a vertical anchor piled foundation. After creating a dry work situation the structural works of the car park has been realized.


Below the historic fortifications no diaphragm walls can be achieved without demolishing the wall of the fortifications. Therefore, under the wall an pressure arch was achieved using jetgrout columns. This highly specialized work was realized bij Volker Staal en Funderingen (VSF). The columns are used for a temporary soil and watertight seal.

Commissioned by VSF Arthe Civil & Structure BV has developed a PLAXIS 3D-model to engineer the jetgrouted pressure arch. To check the results of this complex model also a hand model calculation has been drawn up according CUR77.