Client: Mashhad Urban Railway Organization
Location and Year: Mashhad, 2016 - 2017
Features: bored tunnel
Project description

After succesfully completing the design of the bored tunnel for metro line 2, the Mashhad Urban Railway Corporation has asked Arthe Civil & Structure to provide the design and consulting services for the bored tunnel for metro line 3. This new metro line connects the eastern and western part of Mashhad to the financial district and the historical city centre, and has a total length of 28 kilometres. The tunnel boring machine will cross two existing metro lines and several high rise buildings.

Arthe Civil & Structure provides a detailed design of the tunnel lining, including the connections to the ventillation shafts and escape galleries.


To serve as a starting point for the design, we made a geotechnical baseline report, with soil parameters to be used, and a geotechnical longitudinal profile. Four segment types have been designed, to take into account variations in depth and soil conditions along the tunnel trajectory, yet make an economical design. Prestressed elements will be used at the locations of the metro stations, which are constructed at a later stage. The design of the tunnel lining includes the technical specification of various tunnel components to be used (dowels, guide rods, sealing gaskets, etc.).