Client: Mashhad Urban Railway Organization
Location and Year: Mashhad, 2017
Features: metro tunnel
Project description

For our client Mashhad Urban Railway Company, Arthe Civil & Structure provides the design and engineering services for the bored tunnel of metro line 3. Site engineering is also included in our scope.

We have determined the necessary face- and grouting pressures along the length of the tunnel trajectory, and have made recommendations on the composition of mortar mixtures to be used.


The new metro line crosses two existing metro lines, and a number of high-rise buildings, including those in the financial district and the historical city centre. For the length of the tunnel trajectory, we have made a Settlement Risk Assessment and drafted monitoring instrumentation layouts and -protocols. Results are made easily accessible by using a GIS system. For a number of critical locations, detailed finite element calculations were made, and where the risk of damage was deemed too high mitigation measured were designed. For several of these locations, monitoring results were assessed.