Client: Mashhad Urban Railway Organization
Location and Year: Mashhad, Iran, 2008 - 2011
Features: TBM bored tunnel, Lining design
Project description

In the Iranian city of Mashhad, a metro system is being constructed. Arthe Civil & Structure has performed the design and engineering of the bored section of the tunnel for the second metro line, including the design and structural analysis of the concrete tunnel lining. The twin railway track tunnel has an external diameter of 9,1 m and the length of the bored section amounts to 10,8 km.


The structural analysis of the lining contained the following items:

  • Static analysis in transversal direction (ring action);
  • Static analysis in longitudinal direction (beam action);
  • Earth quake loading: quasi static and dynamic analysis;
  • Segments under thrust jack loadings;
  • Actions on segment during casting, handling, stacking and storage;
  • Pre-stressing loads near the shafts and connections.

The results of the design and engineering activities have been laid down in final segment drawings and reinforcement drawings.