Client: Projectbureau Noord-Zuidlijn
Location and Year: Amsterdam, 2009-2010
Features: Metro Line, tunnel
Project description

For the project North-South Metro line in Amsterdam, Arthe Civil & Structure has carried out a number of advices and feasibility studies by order of Projectbureau Noord-Zuidlijn , during and after the activities carried out by the Veerman Committee. During the advisory phase of the Committee, Arthe was asked to judge the various proposed alternatives. After the release of the final report by the Committee, Arthe was involved in the elaboration of a number of these alternatives. Eventually, an alternative in which the ‘lost shield method’ (boring partly into the wall and leaving the dismantled shields in the ground to be part of the tunnel) was applied to the northern wall of Rokin station, was chosen. For this alternative, Arthe carried out a geotechnical and constructive advice.


On the whole, Arthe has executed the following (summary of) activities in cooperation with Projectbureau Noord-Zuidlijn:
  • Independent advice during the activities of the Veerman Committee;
  • Participation in the elaboration of the advices given by the Veerman Committee (Working Group C);
  • Geotechnical and constructive advice on the elaboration of Alternative A (boring through Rokin Station);
  • Writing the final report of Working Group C, concerning the feasibility study of Alternative A;
  • Geotechnical and constructive advice on the ‘lost shield method’ when applied to the northern wall of the Rokin Station (using PLAXIS 3D Tunnel and ESA PT).