Client: Gemeente Den Haag
Location and Year: Den Haag, 2013-2014
Features: Influence of boring on environment
Project description

For the project Rotterdamsebaan Arthe has determined the restrictions on the usage of the environment due to the 2 tunnels with a parallel alignment. Several calculations with the Finite Elements Method (Plaxis) were made to determine the influence of the tunnel boring process on the environment. Also the influences of the tunnels are determined during the operating of the tunnels.

The environment concerns several industrial and commercial buildings and an archeological monument.


  • Determining of the principles
  • Inventory of land-use regulations
  • Determining restrictions of ground water lowering, ground level- and foundation loads and excavations
  • Determining influence area and maximum allowable foundations depths
  • Determining settlements (trough shape) due to tunnelling process
  • Determining influence on cables and ducts and foundation constructions
  • Determining influence on industrial processes
  • Determining forces in tunnel lining due to point loads of buildings (analytical and FEM)