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Features: design values of ground-water levels
Project description

Determining design values of ground-water levels

Several aspects have to be considered for determining design values of ground-water levels. First of all the geohydrology of the area, which influences determine the ground-water levels in the area. Subsequently the uncertainties and certainties of these influences can be determined. With statistical analyses the probability of certain ground-water levels can be determined. Finally the design values of the ground-water levels can be determined regarding the reliability class and reference period of a specific construction.


Arthe provides several products with regard to the design values of ground-water levels:

  • Statistical analyses of ground-water levels
  • Analytical and numerical modelling of the effects of water abstractions, rivers and aquifers
  • Determining the required probability of water level exceedance for several types of constructions
  • Advise considering the required design values of ground-water levels