Client: Arthe geogrid design
Location and Year: Innovative methods, R&D
Features: Piled embankment
Project description

The first piled embankment in the Netherlands was built in 1999. In the past 15 years, piled embankments have developed into a commonly used construction for the realization of infrastructure in areas characterized by weak soils.

Arthe civil & structure b.v. has been involved with the development of piled embankments from an innovative solution into proven technology. Employees of Arthe have been involved with R&D projects within three consecutive CUR committees.

Arthe has also facilitated parts of the PAO course ‘Ontwerpregels voor paalmatrassystemen’.


Besides R&D, Arthe also has ample experience with the design of piled embankments that have been constructed. The most recent constructed piled embankments that have been designed by Arthe are the piled embankments for the broadening of the A15 at the ‘Maasvlakte’. One of these piled embankments concerned a hybrid between a piled embankment and reinforced soil on which the foundation for an abutment for a viaduct has been constructed. This is the first piled embankment in the Netherlands on which an abutment was constructed on a shallow foundation.