Client: Van Gelder / Mobilis
Location and Year: Gouda, 2013
Features: Geotechnical design of road embankment
Project description

The parallel road network of the A12 near Gouda will be improved to reduce traffic on the Gouwe junction and the Gouwe aqueduct. The project included high embankments on highly compressible soil, that were to be constructed in a short amount of time.
Furthermore, the project contained a variety of significant structures: Two railway crossings, two underpasses and a causeway with a drawbridge in the middle crossing the Gouwe channel. With regard to these structures, a great number of local factors had to be dealt with, such as: vibration nuisance in the vicinity, cables and pipes in the vicinity and several culverts.


For the tender design a close collaboration was established between all parties of the combination, with the aim of delivering an integral and highly detailed design with a very limited risk level. The following proceedings have been performed by Arthe:

  • Settlement and stability analyses
  • Embankment design
  • Design of piled embankments and reinforced soil structures
  • Retaining wall design
  • Excavation pit design
  • Design of foundations for railway crossings and underpasses
  • Culvert design
  • Vibration analyses and risk assessment
  • Determination of soil parameters for specific mechanisms