Client: Provincie Zuid-Holland
Location and Year: Leiden, 2017
Features: roadworks
Project description

For the international consortium Comol5 (Mobilis, Croonwolter&dros, Vinci and DEME) we work out our Geotechnical Tenderdesign into a economic, safe, and optimized Integral Design at Execution level. The projectarea has a variable geology of dune depositions to 11 m soft soil (peat and organic clay).
Hereby the team (lead engineer and advisors) based on many years of experience tuned the design with the disciplines, Bored tunnel, Civil and Installations.
Part of the scope of activities are:

  • Widening Highway A4 from The Hague to Leiden (incl. junction Hofvliet)
  • Widening Highway A44 and N206 near Leiden(incl. junctions Leiden-West and Ommedijk)
  • Construction of N434 and local roads
  • Construction of workterrains and workroads
  • Construction of tunnellogistics area
  • Construction of trial embankment


The geotechnical engineering activities are:
  • Determining principles
  • Determining soil and laboratory investigation
  • Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments (piled matress)
  • Primary and Secondary Dikes
  • Retaining structures (sheet piling, retaining walls, reinforced soil)
  • Settlements
  • Horizontal displacements
  • Stability/squeezing
  • Foundations (cranes, quays)
  • Culverts
  • Influence on the environment (civil works, cables and ducts)
  • Monitoring
  • Technical Supervision (earthworks and piled matress)