Client: Alamoot Bridge & Building Engineering co.
Location and Year: Tabriz, Iran, 2005-2008
Features: Design and engineering metro line
Project description

In Tabriz, the first metro line of the metro network is constructed in 2007. This first line will be underground and runs from the East to the West of Tabriz, with a total length of 8,5 km. This line includes 11 underground stations. The TBM bored line passes underneath the historical city center, as well as a number of important archaeological sites. In cooperation with the construction company, Arthe has drawn up the tender documents and technical qualification documents in the tender phase, whereupon the project has been acquired in 2005.


  • Review and evaluation of all executed (soil-) tests and definition of the required additional tests;
  • Calculation of surface settlements due to the tunnel boring process and the influence on buildings, monuments and archaeological sites;
  • Design of the grout mix and the grouting process in general in relation to possible surface settlements;
  • Analysis of face stability and advise on the use of specific types of foam;
  • Set up of the starting procedure for the TBM and the design of the auxiliary structures of the launching shaft;
  • Lining calculations, design and dimension of the lining segments.