grondprofielen lining ontwerp Rijnlandroute
Client: COMOL5
Location and Year: Leiden, 2016
Features: Tender design bored tunnel and road embankments
Project description

For the Tender Rijnlandroute Arthe Civil & Structure has done the geotechnical part of the design for the tunnel and groundworks for main contractor COMOL5, furthermore the tunnel lining calculations have been made.

activities earthworks

  • Geotechnical design of the embankments
  • Sensitivity analysis of soil parameters
  • Determining risks and translation to monitoring plan


For the tunnel the following activities have been done:
  • Interpretation of soil and laboratory investigation
  • Assessment of requirements
  • Writing input for main tender documents
  • Determining cross sections with soil profile
  • Optimization of the vertical alignment of the bored tunnel
  • Determining execution methods
  • Design tunnel lining and optimizing of design
  • Determining settlement and vibration risks due to bore process
  • Face support calculations and dimensioning of the balance embankments
  • Foundation design of the heavily loaded areas at the start shaft
  • Sensitivity analysis of soil parameters